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Cacao Ceremony Awakening

Updated: Nov 17, 2022

My spirit guides guided me to an unknown object, at first leaving my spirit guides felt scary and unsafe, I wanted them by my side to feel protected and in my comfort zone. As I walked up a hill and approached the object, I felt a positive bubble of energy, the scary feeling turned into warmth.

Once face to face with the object, I saw it was another kind of spirit, my higher- self. It felt cosy, loveable, safe, protected, a goal!

My higher self told me I can achieve anything and not to listen to traditional society views that would hold me back from my dreams.

It felt like I was receiving a huge, fuzzy, loveable hug and I couldn't stop crying tears of joy.

A few days after the Cacao Ceremony, I was back into my busy London life, 'The Matrix' as some say. Working in a Corporate 9-5 job, living in a house share and just about making ends meet. I have always debated which path to take in life, being a corporate 'business woman' or following my spiritual side.

The feelings and messages received in the Cacao Ceremony then began to manifest...

My first day back at work, I received a few signs/pushes to make me want to hand in my notice and the following day I received signs to want to move out of my house share.

Three days after being back in London, I decided to follow my dreams and not society.

I handed in my notice at work and to my landlord then immediately booked Yoga Teacher Training in India which I have wanted to do for while but was held back by time restraints of annual leave at work and the pandemic.

Packing up everything, putting all my belongings in storage and quitting my Corporate Event Management job that I had been working towards for 6 years plus having no income was a very scary feeling although as I had wanted to do this for a few years, I knew that my intuition was guiding me at the right time.

Reflecting back to the Cacao Ceremony, my job and home was my safe place, my comfort zone. Giving myself freedom to follow my dreams is very scary, like walking up the hill to an unknown object; not having an income or knowing where i'm going to live after India.

But I can feel it already, these pushes are what I needed to follow my dreams to what is calling me and once I have achieved it, I know that it is going to feel like that huge, fuzzy, loveable hug received on the top of that hill!

My favourite affirmation 'I am aligned with the Universe'

Sending lots of love & light, Corine xox


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